kreative Informatik mit

    Format: Website

    Design your own controller with everyday materials like playdough or graphite pencils.
    Control your favorite Scratch game while you learn to code.


  • Makey Makey instructables teachers
    Format: Website

    Projekte auf erstellt von Lehrern.

  • Tetris NES version
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by smelly_hobbit

    You can play this Tetris game with the arrow keys... or make your own custom controller.


  • Chamber Music Piano
    Format: Website
    Quelle: Designed by @alexruthmann at the NYU Steinhardt Music Experience Design Lab. HTML 5 web audio code adapted from Yotam Mann

    You can play 10 different notes on this piano (using w, a, s, d, f, left, up, right, down and space). Play along with the video for a piano duet!


  • Piano
    Format: Website

    A piano designed for Makey Makey. Play a melody with the arrow keys and space bar (and click, too).

    Scratch Piano

  • MK-1
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by Eric Rosenbaum

    A sampling synth made by Eric Rosenbaum for Makey Makey. Record your own sound, use preset scales, and set the keys to play just the notes you want.

  • Retro-Ping-Pong
    Format: Website
  • Pacman Multiplayer
    Format: Website

    Googles Pacman


  • Scratch Spiele
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by ToadfanSchool  

    kleine Spiele, geeignet für Makey Makey


  • Secret Codes With Scratch 3 Makey Makey Extension
    Format: Website
    Quelle: By 

    Geheimcodespiel mit der MakeyMakey Erweiterung für Scratch 3
    example game

  • Makey-Makey "Pong"!
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by ssimpkin
  • MaKey MaKey - Whack a Mole
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by tarmelop
  • little PacMan mit Scratch & MakeMakey
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by MaxenceN

    kleine Version Pacman in Scratch 3.0

  • Pacman mit Scratch & MakeyMakey
    Format: Website
    Quelle: by ArnoHu

    Move PacMan with cursor keys, WASD keys, or by dragging the mouse, or swiping on your touch screen. Pressing a key once is enough for continuous running. Hitting a key in advance you can even steer into a junction before having reached it, hence navigate much quicker.

    Regeln für Scratcher

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